Bluegill Bully

Friend and Flyfishing legend John Thomas taught me this one. It catches the big monster bluegill. I am tying it today with a bit of a Trashflies twist.
The original calls for micro chenille or a similar material. I'm using polypropylene yarn from the craft shop. 

Pick a long shank hook. I'm using the kink shank in a #10.

Thread your hook. I'm using a Uni-Thread 6/0 gray.

Tie and wrap you lead or lead-free wire. Start at the bend and move forward 2/3 of the hook.

Wrap the yarn in. Leave a 1/3 toward the eye.
Tie in a set of rubber legs as pictured and go get them.
Note I personally have caught crappie, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and catfish on the.


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